Thank You, Mom!

What a gift you’ve given us. We all just wanted to say thanks, so below are thank you pics, messages and even a video from the San Francisco branch. We’re all very grateful for your HUGE gift to us. We’ll send you some pics from the trip…hope you like the new site.


Kyler and Sandi

We are sooooo thankful a million times over for this next ten days away, with family, in the Virgin Islands. I don’t know how there could be a better trip! (Unless ALL of our family and friends could have gone too. But then we’d have to give up the master.) <smile>

We’re most looking forward to the warm, clear water, snorkeling/diving, lobster hunting, fish eating, laughter, games, movies, the overall beauty, and just being with family.

Thank you for your generosity, always. You have been such a blessing to us, in so many ways, and not just in what you give, but in who you are. Love you, and see you in a just a couple weeks! God bless you and Greg while we’re away. Hope you’re able to rest but also get lots done! And we LOVE your thank you present – hope you love it too!


Sandi & Kyler


Kory, Sonshine and family

¡Gracias! Su generosidad es una bendición! Sonshine y yo vamos a amar la relajación. Te queremos mucho!

Deleese and Dave

Cannot tell you how EXCITED.WE.ARE. about next week – the very first vacation we will have taken since we got married over five years ago!! Thank you so much for sharing your vacation points with all of us!!! <smile>

Dave & Deleese